Library Category: Wildfire Prevention

A NWACA Map for WUI Response Index

This map shows an overall wildfire risk index for the NWACA area. The index values are color coded, as shown on the map legend. They are a composite of three components of fire behavior in the wildland urban interface (WUI):

  • vegetation hazard, based on density
  • slope
  • structure density of the area

As you can see from the temperature bar at the bottom of the map, about half of our neighborhood is at extreme or high risk in a wildfire event.

A NWACA Map of Conflagration Risk

This map shows each of the residences in NWACA, color-coded for their risk in a fire situation, based on proximity to other residences. The risk might be from a wildfire or from a nearby house fire. See the legend at the bottom of the map.

In addition, the map has circled the primary evacuation points for this part of Austin - see the red circles. In case exit is not viable, there are temporary evacuation zones where residents might be able to shelter in place, shown with white stars - the area around Murchison Middle School and the Dell Jewish Community Center.

Ashe Juniper Reference Document

This document provides a description of the positive contributions of the Ashe juniper (aka cedar) tree to the Central Texas environment, as well as dispelling a number of myths about the tree.

NFPA Fact Sheet – Coatings

This fact sheet from the National Fire Protection Association describes common practices and limitations of surface coatings for wildfire resistance.

NFPA Fact Sheet – Decks

This fact sheet from the National Fire Protection Association gives guidance for how to make decks wildfire resistant.