Names and Chairs

Committee Purposes

Civic Engagement

John Sepheri and Kam McCoy, Co-Chairs

Monitors and advocates for NWACA interests on issues addressed by City Council, Travis County, AISD, and other relevant governing bodies


Lauren Ward, Chair

Develops regular communication with neighbors
via newsletters, email, NWACA web site, Facebook, and NextDoor

Crime and Safety

Chris Roddy and Bruce Todd, Co-chairs

Coordinates with Austin Police Department to identify neighborhood crime prevention practices and provides educational materials for NWACA publication


 Lauren Ward, Chair

Coordinates neighborhood events, including 4th of July Parade, family friendly events (such as movies
at the pool), annual neighborhood garage sales, and others


 Mehlam Bhiwandiwala, Chair

Monitors expenses against budget; ensures NWACA complies with sound accounting practices and legal requirements for non-profits


 Stacey Brewer, Chair

Researches the history of the NWACA organization and NWACA area, presents findings to the neighborhood


 Open, Chair

Seeks out and interviews candidates for the Board for the biennial election slate and to fill Board vacancies; nominates Board members to serve as Board officers


 Caroline Alexander, Chair

Works to support and enhance NWACA's open spaces by organizing volunteer projects, designing and implementing improvement projects in partnership with the City of Austin and Austin Parks Foundation, and serving as an advocate and active steward of our precious parks and greenbelts


Aaron Daniels, Chair

Recruits business sponsors for NWACA

Tree and Environmental

Joanie Arrott, Chair

Hosts and staffs recycling events where we collect specific items that can’t go into regular trash pickup; posts, monitors, and manages Oak Wilt prevention signs during the Feb-June campaign; manages the Scoop the Poop campaign; committee meets every other month

Wildfire Prevention


Joyce Statz, Chair

Coordinates with the Austin Fire Department's Wildfire Division to establish Firewise Communities in NWACA, enabling local residents to make their homes fire-adapted and resistant to the threat of wildfire

Wildlife Management

Open, Chair

Deals with issues related to wildlife in NWACA where that wildlife affects safety of residents and their pets, preservation of residents' property, safe travel through our neighborhood, and other matters related to quality of life

Zoning and Transportation

Ruven Brooks and Joyce Statz, Co-Chairs

Reviews public hearing notices for zoning, variance, and site plan submittals within or adjacent to NWACA boundaries, and, if necessary, engages to support, oppose, or improve them with NWACA member interests in mind; monitors changes to City of Austin Land Development Code; addresses neighborhood transportation concerns such as safety, cut-through traffic, street lighting, sidewalks, street signage, and other related matters