Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

You live in a terrific Austin neighborhood, which your Northwest Austin Civic Association (NWACA) helps to maintain and improve.  

NWACA Mission Statement

The Northwest Austin Civic Association (NWACA) exists to preserve, promote, and enhance the exceptional and unique character of the neighborhood by

  • monitoring key municipal and county issues and advocating for the neighborhood
  • addressing fire safety, transportation, crime prevention, oak wilt and other environmental concerns, wildlife management, zoning and planning, and other matters as they arise
  • keeping residents informed of relevant news and happenings
  • sponsoring neighborhood events and working to build a strong sense of community

NWACA represents residents and businesses in the area enclosed by RM 2222 on the south, Loop 360 on the west, U.S. Highway 183 (Research Boulevard) on the north, and MoPac Expressway-Loop I on the east, in the city of Austin, Texas.

Vision Statement

We envision a NWACA community where we:

  1. are encouraged to know one another, to celebrate together, and to join in making decisions about the future of the community;
  2. value education and extra-curricular activities for children and support our schools;
  3. openly welcome residents of all ages, incomes, cultures, and viewpoints;
  4. can support a variety of thriving area businesses;
  5. partner with businesses and organizations to foster our mission;
  6. collaborate with other neighborhoods on issues of mutual concern;
  7. have access to a variety of recreational spaces;
  8. feel safe and comfortable in our homes, leveraging the Neighborhood Watch program;
  9. provide opportunities for walking, using a mobility assistance device, riding a bicycle, and using public transportation;
  10. feel safe using our streets in all modes. We work toward the goals of zero crashes and traffic deaths;
  11. practice responsible stewardship of our own spaces and of the natural habitat around us, so that the people, animals, and plants can all thrive in a healthy balance.

In its activities and operations, NWACA is inclusive of all people within our community, without discrimination against any race, color, religious affiliation, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or military status.

Check our Get Involved section for ways you can join in neighborhood activities. Learn about membership, how to join a committee, and the many ways to stay informed. We look forward to sharing our activities with you. Together we can maintain and improve one of the best neighborhoods in Austin!