Library Category: NWACA General

2019 05 01 Annual Meeting Slides

May 1, 2019 NWACA Annual Meeting presentations, covering the events of the past year, the role of the Travis County Constable, how to minimize the impact of wildfire, caring for oak trees, recycling, 4th of July plans, and Loop 360 improvement projects.

2022 05 12 Annual Meeting Slides

These slides were used by NWACA President Robert Nash to run the meeting, and they include the presentation by Jon Plum on Preventing Oak Wilt.

Cougar Run Dam Background Information

This article provides some background and history of the Cougar Run Dam, for which the City of Austin plans for maintenance are causing some controversy with the neighbors.

Dealing with Raccoons

Advice from a wildlife biologist on how to minimize household damage from raccoons.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

This spreadsheet identifies resources available to residents living in Austin to help anyone in need. The variety of resources available is listed by topic. Many of these resources are available for free or low cost. Areas covered include Children’s Health Care, Veterans, Mental Health, Elderly, Free and Reduced Meals, and Housing, to name a few.

If you know of a relevant resource not listed on the spreadsheet, please email [email protected] to have it added.