Austin Oaks PUD Information (2014-2015)

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This page provides historical information on this web site regarding the re-zoning case for the Austin Oaks property.
For later information for Austin Oaks and its implementation, see:
Austin Oaks Charrette

For history about the Austin Oaks PUD prior to the charrette, see these links:
AO Charrette Neighborhood Update
10/27/15 meeting about charrette
2015 10 27 Master Comment Report
Email on rezoning pause
2015 08 19 Austin Oaks TIA Report
2015 08 19 Austin Oaks Comment Response Letter (Golden)
2015 08 19 Austin Oaks Comment Response Letter (ATD)
2015 08 19 Exhibit 4-Summary of Proposed Improvements
Educational Impact Statement
July and August Updates
Recent Background Information on Austin Oaks PUD
Key Points about NWACA and the Austin Oaks PUD
TIA Report
Neighborhood Leader Meeting
June 2015 NWACA Board Resolution

Information about Austin Oaks:

  • Collection of historical documents about the PUD are in this Resource Library: Austin Oaks Pud Library
  • General information about zoning is in this Resource Library: Zoning Library
  • Most recent additions
      • What is a PUD? Brief – short summary about what is involved in a PUD

    PUD Brief

      • What is a PUD? – longer version of article above


      • What is Possible? – description of what is currently developed at the Austin Oaks site, the standards for height and other aspects for current zoning, the primary uses allowed with current zoning, and what traffic is generated by most common uses

    What is Possible

      • Timeline for the Austin Oaks PUD – currently scheduled reviews and meetings, along with a description of each of the reviewing bodies and anticipated time between reviews

    Timeline for AO PUD - v2

      • What is a Neighborhood Center – description of the three activity centers in Imagine Austin, of which the Neighborhood Center is the least dense

    What is a Neighborhood Center

      • What is a Charrette Process - collaborative planning approach for land use cases

    What is a Charrette Process

      • Results of Drenner May 2015 Phone Survey - Report by Littlefield Consulting

    Littlefield Survey Results