Neighborhood Association Leaders Met on 5/30/15

June 3rd, 2015

On Saturday, 5/30/15, leaders from the 4 neighborhood associations surrounding the  Austin Oaks property (NWACA, Balcones Civic Association, Allandale Neighborhood Association, and North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association) again met to talk about the Austin Oaks PUD. We discussed:
• the feedback from our neighborhoods about the PUD gathered in surveys, social media and other communications,
• the meetings that had been held by various associations with members of ZAP and our City Council members,
• the general information zoning meeting organized by Sheri Gallo,
• the upcoming meetings organized by Drenner Group,
• the next requests to make of ZAP and Council members, and
• what information and meetings our neighborhoods are asking for.
The representatives from NWACA will reporting back to our Ad Hoc Committee and Board for discussion on next steps. We will report to you about those as soon as possible.

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