Austin Oaks TIA Report Released

May 29th, 2015

We received a paper copy of the latest Austin Oaks Traffic Impact Analysis yesterday - a 40-page report with a 3-inch binder of appendices. The Executive Summary and two key exhibits have been scanned and put online, so that you can read the essentials of the report. These are the links to the three pieces:

Executive Summary - 2015 05 22 TIA Exec Summary

Exhibit 1 – Map - 2015 05 22 TIA Exhibit 1-Map

Exhibit 2 – Conceptual Site Plan - 2015 05 22 TIA Exhibit 2-Conceptual Plan

The bottom line many want to see is the net increase of trips per day, after the entire proposed development. Details in the tables show the increases after each of the 4 phases. When phase IV is finished in 2031, the resulting net increase is expected to be an additional 15,701 trips/day, bringing the total to 19,819 for that site (given an estimated 4118 today).

The report describes recommendations for mitigating the degradation of traffic conditions at the key intersections affected by the development. Most suggested improvements are in how lanes could be reconfigured or lanes added at the key intersections. Major issues remain with the bridges across Mopac and with failing intersections, even after the proposed improvements.

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