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Summer Vacation – Crime Prevention Tips

July and August are two of the most common months for family summer vacations, and, unfortunately, for burglaries. The links below have great tips for preventing burglary while you are away on vacation. Chief among the tips are these:
  • Make your home look inhabited.
  • Ask your neighbors for help.
  • Check and lock your doors and windows.
  • Keep valuables out...
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Safety Tip: Secure Your Garage Door

A very vulnerable part of a home is the garage door. Those with glass panels or windows can show the thief just what we have; those with a common type of garage door opener can be compromised by a thief in just 6 seconds. See these videos on how to break into a garage how...
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Map of APD Patrol Boundaries

On December 17, 2014, the APD changed the boundaries of its patrol areas, and now all of NWACA is covered in the Baker area of Region 1. Attached is a map of the new APD sectors, so that you see where all of them are located. APD 2015 Patrol Map Read more

Neighborhood Watch Support Now Available

NWACA is putting a strong focus on building up Neighborhood Watch groups, and you're invited to get involved.
There is a library of materials about Neighborhood Watch on this page, under the header of Crime and Safety Committee Work. See the Neighborhood Watch info.
You can find out if there's a Neighborhood Watch near you, volunteer to...
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