Wildfire Prevention Tip #13: Learn More and Become an Assessor

July 28th, 2014

What do you know about urban wildfires? Bastrop - The Pinnacle Fire - Steiner Ranch – California - Colorado - Washington State - all have been in the news, all cases of wildfire that burned a lot of vegetation, destroyed many homes and other structures, and several claimed lives as well. On the local news, all of these events were a lot of flames, smoke, and devastation…and sadness for the victims of these fires. What can be done to prevent the incredible damage?

You can prepare yourself and your family for these types of events. Learn how to prepare yourself, your home and your neighborhood by gaining the knowledge and skills needed to effectively evaluate the threat that an urban wildfire can pose to your home and family, and learn sound solutions that you and your community can use to reduce this threat. Learn what homeowners can do to reduce the threat of wildfires; how to develop landscaping and yards to reduce danger to homes; how to harden a home to reduce the dangers of flying embers and direct flames; how to interface with Emergency Care Providers to help them in protecting families during such dangerous events; how families can escape before the fire endangers lives; and many other important facts for you and your neighbors.

NWACA has a team of assessors who were trained in 2013 and have been helping homeowners identify risks since then. On occasion, the  Wildfire Division of the Austin Fire Department offers a Wildfire Hazard Assessment Training workshop to train more neighbors on the facts of wildfires and preparing those who wish to, to become assessors. The NWACA team would love to have additional assessors and encourages you to take part in this training opportunity when it arises.

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