More Bike Lanes Coming – Be Careful with Right Turns

June 29th, 2014

There have been questions raised about how to navigate right turns when the street has a bike lane, and perhaps a parking lane as well. A check with the City of Austin revealed the following information.

Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.101 ( requires that motor vehicle operators make right turns from as close to the right hand curb as practicable. City Code 12-1-21 ( augments “as practicable” by not allowing the use of a bicycle lane to make right turns.

There are instances where a queue of cars (either in the travel lane, or trying to turn into a driveway) can make turning from the motor vehicle lane feel a little strange. Good advice is to simply “slow down and pay attention.”

More bike lanes are coming to streets near us. The City of Austin will re-stripe Balcones and Crestview between Hancock and RM222 sometime in the next few months, adding bike lanes and reducing the travel lanes to a single lane with a turning lane in the middle.

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