LDC (CodeNEXT) Updates Published 1/31/20

February 4th, 2020

Late Friday evening January 31, 2020, new maps were released which involve new areas of “up-zoning”- allowing greater density, deeper into some of the neighborhoods in NWACA, for the creation of “Missing Middle” residential housing, coded as R-4.

Our neighborhood could be zoned for far more density than the original map called for. It is important that every member of NWACA become familiar with what these changes could mean for their property. More people will have properties that could potentially either back up to, or be next door to, large fourplexes, with reduced parking requirements, having the potential to dramatically change the character of our neighborhood.

R-4 Zoning will generally allow four units on a property (go to our website: www.nwaca.org to learn more). Previous maps included stretches of R-4 along Mesa Dr., Greystone and some areas near the northern and southern boundaries of NWACA. NEW MAPS include some properties on the following streets/areas, in alphabetic order*:

Brownwood Dr.
Ceberry Dr.
Chervil Dr.
Chimney Corners
Cross Valley Run
Edgefield Dr.
Edgerock Dr.
Enclave Cove
Far West Blvd.
Greenslope Dr.
Greystone Dr.
Hart Ln.
Havenwood Dr.
Hidden Hollow
Highland Hills Dr.
Highland View Dr.
Honeysuckle Trail
Knollwood Dr.
Lamplight Ln.
Lawndale Dr.
Laurelledge Dr.
Mesa Dr.
Montana Norte
Mt. Bonnell Rd.
North Hills Dr.
Northforest Dr.
Northledge Dr.
Paint Rock Dr.
Robbie Dr.
Rockledge Dr.
Running Rope Dr.
Shadow Mountain Dr.
Shadow Valley Dr./coves
Small Dr.
Sonnet Ave.
Starline Dr.
Steck Ave.
Stonecliff Dr.
Stonecliff Cir.
Summit Bend
Table Rock Dr.
Thorncliffe Dr.
Westchester Ave.
Westside Dr.

*This list is not all inclusive and has not been verified by the City, rather it was compiled by unpaid volunteers based on the map link attached.

Please follow these links to see the updated code draft, and to review the maps and search for your specific property:
comparison maps
Revised Code Draft

Deed Restrictions
While deed restrictions supersede zoning, the City does not enforce deed restrictions; it remains the property owner’s responsibility to know and enforce their deed restrictions and will require NWACA property owner’s to be vigilant about any development plans. Legal fees to enforce deed restrictions can be expensive and the process can be time consuming.

To obtain a copy of your deed restrictions, go to the Travis County Tax Office at: 5501 Airport Blvd. If you have the legal description for your property, that is helpful. You can find the legal description for your property at: www. Traviscad.org.

Important Dates to Consider:
February 7th- Proposed Amendments to be Submitted
February 11th, 12th, and 13th- Public Comments allowed at meetings; No time donations to other speakers will be allowed.
February 23rd - CM Alter Office Hours Regarding LDC, 9:30 a.m. at Galaxy Café.

Our D10 CM Alison Alter, as well as CM’s Tovo, Kitchen, and Pool, as well as many members of the NWACA Board, and neighbors have expressed their concern for the speed with which these new changes are being voted on. If you have questions or concerns, the time to voice them is NOW. Call or email, or make a personal visit to City Council members and the Mayor.

Next Steps from Mayor Adler

More information and links can be found elsewhere on our website, as well as on our Facebook Group.

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