Latest Updates on LDC (CodeNEXT) Revision

November 14th, 2019

As we have updates for the NWACA Community regarding the revision of Austin's Land Development Code, we will be putting them here. Items will appear in the order of latest information first.

Posted 4/6/20 - from the LDC Revision Team working on the LDC:
On March 18, a Travis County District Court Judge ruled that the City did not follow the correct notice and protest process for the LDC Revision. Therefore, the actions by Council to approve the LDC Revision were void and not effective to approve the Revision. Based on that ruling, the City is assessing options with the respect to the LDC.

While the City evaluates its options and next steps, the LDC Revision Team is working to complete internal reference documents, with the goal of completing the text and map reflective of Council’s May 2 policy direction, as well as Planning Commission recommendations and Council recommendation on 1st and 2nd ordinance readings. Staff will also finalize a Supplemental Staff Report #5 to accompany the text and map reference documents. The purpose of completing these reference documents is to assure the project is in a state that can be utilized in the future when, and if, a path forward is desired by City Council.

Posted 3/21/20 - The City is postponing consideration of the LDC at this point. Monitor their web page for latest information.

Posted 2/4/2020 - see the City's updates for City Council's second reading at January 31 updates as well as our news item about it

Posted 11/20/19 - NWACA Newsletter LDC Special Edition
This newsletter focuses on the impact of the proposed LDC revision on NWACA. It includes an overview of impact, some background information, and a short article about deed restrictions.

Posted 11/19/19 - Glossary of Common Terms
This document identifies areas of the LDC Revision text which feature definitions, as well as providing a glossary of the most common zoning terms used in NWACA articles.

Posted 11/18/19 - City web page on deed restrictions
This page answers some questions about deed restrictions, how they relate to the Land Development Code, and matters of enforcement.
Posted 11/14/19 - MU Zoning Comparison
This chart summarizes the key elements of the zoning categories used in the proposed LDC, for the portions of the NWACA area that are being zoned commercial mixed use. It also shows these same elements for the current zoning categories commonly used for those properties.

Posted 10/24/19 - Materials from 10/24/19 NWACA Meeting on Code Revision

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