Austin Oaks PUD – Official Update – Nov. 24, 2014

November 24th, 2014

NWACA wishes to assure you that we continue to proceed exactly as communicated to our community regarding this matter:

To date, we have:

  1. Conducted a Community Forum on the Austin Oaks (AO) PUD.
  2. Conducted a survey to get the community's input on the AO PUD application.
  3. Passed a NWACA resolution in opposition to the AO PUD, consistent with the survey results.
  4. Communicated our resolution in opposition to the city staff and discussed our concerns with City staff.
  5. Communicated NWACA's opposition to the AO PUD to the AO owner and the Drenner Group.

The Drenner Group asked for a meeting on November 17th with the leaders of the four neighborhood associations that border the Austin Oaks property to provide an initial response to the concerns raised by NWACA.  In that meeting, the Drenner Group outlined various concepts and provided various documents, some related to the existing application and some relating to their possible subsequent proposal.  NWACA heard the comments and:

  1. Made clear that any proposal would have to be in writing, and preferably provide a consolidated comparison with the original application.
  2. Made clear that NWACA was only listening to their comments and that any proposal would have to be taken back to the NWACA board and distributed to the community for community deliberation and input.
  3. Any proposal would have to again be discussed in an open Community Forum.

Today we received a one page consolidated comparison of the original application and the proposed revisions.  We are posting it here (Austin Oaks PUD Evolution.doc). We have asked if there are additional documents that would further detail or outline their proposal, and are awaiting a response.  We will also provide to you any additional documents they send us.  In the meantime, we are also posting copies of all of the documents that were provided by the Drenner Group at that meeting, some of which were explained to relate only to the original PUD application.

At this time, the NWACA Board:

  1. Requests your feedback to this revised proposal concept.
  2. Requests that all conversation remain respectful.
  3. Will coordinate another Community Forum on the new proposal.
  4. Will receive your feedback and develop a follow on survey to create a data supported response.
  5. Will discuss all of the foregoing as a Board and develop the appropriate response.

Despite misinformation to the contrary, there is no negotiation process taking place.  As representatives of NWACA, we are gathering and disseminating the information provided to us by the Drenner Group about changes they are proposing to make to their PUD Application.  We will then gather the membership's feedback to this proposal and provide that to the Drenner Group in response.

As a reminder, back in September the neighborhood expressed the following preferences IF Austin Oaks is indeed redeveloped, under current zoning restrictions or as a PUD. These results were based on 683 total responses to the survey (attached below)

Please send any comments to us at [email protected]

As we work on this, we appreciate the ongoing support of our NWACA members.  If you haven’t yet joined, or you haven’t renewed yet in 2014, please do so. You can either complete and send the attached membership form, or go to the link on our web site.

Thank you very much for your support.



Austin Oaks PUD Evolution

5 2014-11-14 Austin Oaks Park Illustriative Concept1

4 2014-10-30 Austin Oaks-Doss Elementary Improvements

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5 example trust pages

2 School Access and Safety Summary

1b TIA Transportation Issues White Paper

1a TIA Traffic Improvements Booklet

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2014 09 19 NWACA Survey Results on Austin Oaks PUD

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1 Membership form 2015

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