3/5/2018 ATD Presentation on Speed Mitigation

March 14th, 2018

The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) held an informational meeting on March 5th to present plans for three new speed mitigation installations in our neighborhood:
1. Mesa Drive from First View Drive to Cross Valley Run
2. Hart Lane from Greystone Drive to Executive Center Drive
3. Mountainclimb Drive from Highland Hills Drive to Dry Creek Drive

Mesa Drive and Hart Lane are both designated as higher-traffic "collector" streets. In response to neighborhood feedback from prior speed mitigation installations on collector streets, the upcoming Mesa Drive and Hart Lane installations will not be speed cushions, but instead be rubber medians and modified lane striping to slow vehicles as they maneuver around the medians.

Unlike Mesa Drive and Hart Lane, Mountainclimb Drive is considered a low-volume "neighborhood street". As such, the installation for Mountainclimb drive will be simple speed cushions without the flat-tops seen on other speed cushions in the neighborhood.

See the attached copy of the ATD presentation from the ATD meeting for more details.

Please contact ATD or the District 10 office if you have questions.

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