Zoning / LDC Changes Proposed

October 19th, 2023

(updated on 11/17/23)
Homeowners received a purple post card about October 15th, pointing out that Land Development Code (LDC) changes are being proposed to:

  • allow up to 3 housing units, including tiny homes and recreational vehicles (RVs), on a single-family (SF) zoned property,
  • revise regulations that apply to a property with 2 housing units, and
  • remove restrictions on teh number of unrelated adults living in a housing unit.

  • Public hearings at City Hall, 301 W. 2nd Street were set for

  • October 26, 2PM - Joint Planning Commission and City Council Meeting,
  • November 14, 6PM - Planning Commission Meeting, and
  • December 7, 10 AM - City Council Meeting

    Details about the changes can be found in this document: 2023 Proposed LDC changes 10-20-23 Updated for 10-26 Hrgs

    In addition, this 2023 10 17 Staff Memo Re LDC Amendments gives you information about when other pending changes to the LDC are likely to be considered.

    You can follow the discussion about these items at the City of Austin's SpeakUpAustin page here

    On November 6 the City held an open house about the changes. Here are some Frequently Asked Questons with answers provided at the meeting.

    NWACA held an information session about these changes on November 15; please see the article about that meeting for more materials on the changes at Handouts from Nov. 15 LDC Meeting

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