Wastewater Rehabilitation to be Part of Spicewood Springs Road Project

September 7th, 2021

In an effort to efficiently use community resources and limit extended construction impacts, the City of Austin Transportation, Public Works, and Parks and Recreation departments in collaboration with Austin Water are working to improve adjacent infrastructure as part of the Spicewood Springs Road Regional Mobility project.

There is a concrete wastewater pipe near the end of its service life (gold line) that crosses underneath parkland between Spicewood Springs Road and Loop 360. Austin Water has proposed rehabilitating the pipe by inserting a liner between two manholes.

This method of rehabilitation eliminates the need for excavation through parkland to replace the pipe. As part of the rehabilitation process, the project will require the use of the parking lot off of Old Spicewood Springs Road for one month (pink outline).

Feedback on the use of the parking lot can be submitted to [email protected] and will be considered as part of the temporary parkland use request presented to the Parks and Recreation Board.

To see more details on the Spicewood Springs Road project, including its timeline go to this web page

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