Update on OSMs for Austin Oaks Charrette

January 8th, 2016

Development of the Objectives, Strategies, and Measures (OSMs) for the Austin Oaks charrette is continuing to move forward as we approach the charrette date.

At this point, there is a draft OSM list created by the Charette Working Group (the working group is composed of key stakeholders) and OSMs from the December 16th Vision and Values Workshop. On January 12th, additional OSM input will be taken at a second Vision and Values Workshop.

Following the January 12th Vision and Values Workshop, the Charrette Working Group and the charrette facilitator, Doug Farr, will outline a framework for the final OSM document. Using that framework, the Working Group’s OSMs and those from the Vision and Values workshops will be consolidated into a single set of OSMs. That work will take place on January 14th by the Working Group with Doug Farr participating by phone. The consolidated OSM list will be presented on the first day of the charrette where is likely to evolve further.

After the January 14th meeting we will work with Doug Farr to finalize the OSMs, and thereafter, the OSMs will be published to the Austin Oaks charrette web page and emailed to the ZAP Commissioners, who requested them at their recent ZAP meeting. The Working Group and Doug Farr are working hard to finalize and will publish the OSMs to the Austin Oaks Charrette web page as soon as they are available.


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