Recent Meetings about the PUD

May 4th, 2015


Based on authorization from the NWACA Board upon reviewing the results of the latest survey, members of the NWACA Ad Hoc PUD Committee and a NWACA Zoning Co-chair have had two meetings regarding the PUD over the last four days.

The NWACA representatives met with Rahm McDaniel, a member of the Zoning and Platting Commission (ZAP) on Friday, per Mr. McDaniel's request. In addition, Council Member Sheri Gallo joined us for that meeting. Our discussion centered on the results of the March neighborhood survey and the key concerns of the neighborhood. As he did in a recent ZAP meeting, Mr. McDaniel urged community dialog among neighbors and with the Drenner group, the developer. That dialog, he said, should cover the needs of the community, as well as its concerns, gain a clear understanding of what is involved in a PUD, and understand the development proposals. He and CM Gallo appreciate the strong feelings and concerns of the neighborhood, and that there needs to be a way for the whole neighborhood to come together on this issue; they both offered their help in making that happen.

We also met with Steve Drenner and members of his team, at their request, to receive information about the proposal as submitted to the City last week. We reiterated the results of our survey and concerns of the community, and we asked many questions about the current proposal. We also asked that Drenner Group develop a communication dialog plan for the neighbors, to explain the type of development that can be done under current zoning, to explain the use of PUDs, to provide more information about the latest plans, and to gather feedback from the community. Mr. Drenner committed to do that. We will keep you informed as those plans develop.

The comparison chart shows a summary of what we have learned thus far from the materials posted to our web site last week and from additional information provided at the meeting. This information is being posted to the NWACA web site, and will be updated as more information becomes available. Any additional or updated documents the NWACA representatives receive from the Drenner group or from the City will be posted there as well.

Thank you for your patience as we all work through this process.

NWACA Ad Hoc PUD Committee

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