Quarterly NWACA Road Construction Report – Spring 2022

March 23rd, 2022

There are three major road construction projects scheduled for our area. Preliminary work has already started on two of them with heavier work scheduled for the last half of this year.

1. As was mentioned in a recent NWACA Notes posting, the actual construction on widening Spicewood Springs Road is forecast to start this fall and construction end is anticipated to be summer, 2024.

2. Even when construction is complete, congestion on Spicewood Springs Road is not expected to initially be reduced. There's still the bottleneck of the stop light at the bottom of the hill at Loop 360. That won't get fixed until the completion of an overpass for Loop 360. Construction on that overpass is expected to begin in mid-2025 and would probably finish in 2027 or 2028.

3. Construction is also about to start on the 183 North project, which will add two toll lanes in each direction to 183 between SH45 and MOPAC. Like the MOPAC toll lanes, these new lanes will be located in the center of the right of way. The project will also involve some modifications to the ramps connecting 183 and MOPAC to allow traffic between the new 183 toll lanes and the existing MOPAC toll lanes. The target completion date is 2026.

More details on these projects will be provided at the May 12th NWACA Annual Neighborhood Meeting.

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