Information and Feedback Regarding Greystone Speed Mitigation

April 22nd, 2023

At the community meeting on Wednesday, April 19th, neighbors asked where to direct their questions and comments about the Greystone project to the Austin Transportation Department. ATD has asked that email go to [email protected], and phone calls to 512-974-2300. They pointed out that they are getting a large volume of feedback, so neighbors may need to be patient about getting responses.

We also asked for links to the websites that were mentioned during the meeting. This is the response:

Austin 311 - this link

For submitting a Customer Service Request - CSR link and select Speed Management under “Request a City Service” Please note the MobilityBonds email is sufficient for us receiving feedback on this existing project.

All information on the Greystone Drive project currently available to the public is here

And the speed management page with information on the methodology is here

Information on the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan is here

Residents can make submittals to the Public Information Request site, however please recognize that we are sorting through all the feedback and considering adjustments to the proposed improvements. Here is the PIR web page

We expect to also receive a document that provides answers to all of the questions that were submitted prior to or at the April 19th meeting. When those arrive, they will be posted to this web page.

ATD was impressed by the level of response from the neighborhood. The Assistant Director stated that they would take the input into consideration and revise the plan. She agreed that they would attend another community meeting to review that plan; what we’ve seen is not final. We will publicize that meeting when it is set.

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