Front Yard Fridays – Try it!

December 23rd, 2014

Front Yard Fridays - Try it!

NWACA neighbors on Glen Ridge Drive have started a fun way to meet the neighbors. They call it "Front Yard Fridays." NWACA Board member Shannon Meroney created the concept and started it with a text message to several friends and neighbors on the street inviting anyone who would be home that Friday evening to meet in the street at a certain spot (Glen Ridge rotates between homes with circle drives and super wide driveways to safely accommodate their crowd), bring their kids, bikes, trikes, dogs, toys and a cooler for a casual get-together.

No RSVP is necessary - whoever is available comes out to the regular event and the size of the crowd varies week to week. The neighbors sometimes pitch in together and order pizza; once they rolled over a grill for a BYOB (Bring Your Own Burger) pot luck dinner. The result is a no hassle, laid back mixer where neighbors of all ages can catch up and share stories. The goal is to eventually capture the entire block's contact information so all neighbors are included. Once a list is built, the event plans itself. Glen Ridge neighbors take turns with new ideas and coordination.

Give it a try on your street (or 2 or 3) and make it a regular block party! Send us photos if you do - we love to see neighbors in action. Attached a sample flyer to use as a template to print out as hard copies and deliver door to door for the first one if your neighbors are not already connected.

Front Yard Friday Flyer Template

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