COA Restricted Front and Side Yard Parking

October 27th, 2015

NWACA received this notice from the City of Austin regarding off-street parking. The link internal to the message indicates that our area has already been "opted-in" to this parking restriction ordinance. This is passed on to the community as an FYI.

Dear Neighborhood Association or Neighborhood Plan Contact Team Representative:

As you are a representative of a Neighborhood Plan Contact Team or Neighborhood Association, the Planning and Zoning Department (PAZ) would like to inform you of the annual opportunity to “opt-in” to Restrict Parking in the Front/Side Yards of residences in your neighborhood. The intent of the City’s Restricted Front/Side Yard Parking (RFYP) Ordinance is to allow each neighborhood area to determine whether they want to prohibit the parking of any motor vehicle in the front or side yard of a residential property, except in a driveway or a paved parking space depicted on a previously approved site plan, which is usually shown on a subdivision plat. See attached graphic. “Residential property” includes but is not limited to single-family houses, duplexes, condominiums, town houses, and apartment buildings.

For more details, please go to:

NOTE: This ordinance does not apply to parking on the public street.

WHAT: Neighborhoods that are currently “opted in” to the RFYP ordinance DO NOT need to submit new applications to maintain that status. And they cannot “opt out” for at least three (3) years after opting in. This map shows which neighborhoods are currently “opted in” to the restrictions of this Ordinance. You do not need to do ANYTHING unless you want to CHANGE the status of the neighborhood’s Front Yard Parking status.

WHO: If your neighborhood is within an adopted Neighborhood Plan Area and has an established Neighborhood Planning Contact Team (NPCT), then the Contact Team is responsible for coordinating this process. Otherwise, a Neighborhood Association registered with the City of Austin may submit the application to have these additional parking restrictions imposed on their defined neighborhood area. RFYP restrictions cannot be applied to an area smaller than an entire Neighborhood Association, such as on a street-by-street basis.

If you are a Neighborhood Association representative, and are not sure if your neighborhood is within an adopted neighborhood plan area, check this map:
If it is, you can contact the NPCT’s Primary Contact, listed in the City’s Community Registry, and express your neighborhood’s concerns to them. Or you can contact Maureen Meredith, below, for assistance.

HOW: An officer of a Neighborhood Association or Neighborhood Plan Contact Team registered in the City’s Community Registry should follow the instructions found in the RFYP Application checklist & packet. This includes holding a neighborhood meeting so members can vote on the issue, before the application is completed. The application must be submitted in person or postmarked no later than February 28, 2016.

Once the application is received and processed, it will be scheduled for a public hearing at a meeting of the Austin City Council later in the year. The Primary Contact for your organization will receive advance notice of that hearing date.

If you have any questions, or need paper forms sent to you, please contact Maureen Meredith at 512-974-2695 or at [email protected].

Maureen Meredith, Senior Planner
City of Austin - Planning & Zoning Dept.

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