Updates to the Overlook at Spicewood Springs

April 3rd, 2015

Attached are two files that reflect updates to the plans under discussion for the Overlook at Spicewood Springs (4920 Spicewood Springs Road). One is a subdivision plat, showing the property that is the subject of a rezoning request, along with the property to the northwest of it, approximately 20 acres of green space, from which it is being subdivided. The other diagram shows a revised site plan for the building, used to compute the planned square footage.

The applicant's project manager describes the computation as follows:

Attached is the computation of building areas. By leaving the lower level garage lobby open air, we are not required to count it for common area or building area. We also reduced the corridor width from 6’ to 5’. Revised area numbers:

14,000 Gross s/f

2,280 Common Area s/f

11,720 Usable s/f

This rezoning case went before City Council for its 2nd and 3rd readings on April 2, 2015. The case was approved, with the constraints of the valid petition signed by the neighbors, that the development be limited to 12,000 square feet.

3-22-15 Overlook at Spicewood Springs - Building Area Computation

3-22-15 Overlook at Spicewood Springs - Subdivision Plat

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