OSM Final Draft Posted

January 22nd, 2016

In the Vision and Values workshops, many neighbors joined with the Charrette Working Group to contribute input to the Objectives, Strategies, and Measures (OSMs) that will be used at next week’s Austin Oaks Charrette Design Workshop. Hundreds of comments have been consolidated into 6 pages of OSMs, after many hours of discussion by the Working Group. The Final Draft that goes into the charrette is now posted on the charrette web page. It will be the first item of discussion on Monday morning at the charrette.

These OSMs help guide the designers to understand the will of the community. The objectives are goals to be achieved in the redevelopment of that site. The strategies are possible methods to achieve those goals, in many cases alternatives that come from different perspectives and may be in conflict with each other. Each strategy is not an absolute requirement; rather, the strategies represent ways groups within the community see that the objectives can be reached. Measures (many of which will be developed at the charrette) are ways to quantify how well the strategies are met.

Final Draft: Final draft OSMs 01 21 2016

For full information about the charrette: Charrette Page

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