Let’s Build Murchison Playground

We need a playground!

For years, we've wanted a playground where little ones could play during the school day, when Doss wasn't open to them. We've wanted a playground that's available for siblings and friends of kickball players using the fields next to Murchison. We've wanted a spot next to the pool, where people could relax and play between their swimming adventures. And... we've wanted some new playthings.

The NWACA Parks Committee has been working with the City to create an all-ages playground at Murchison Pool Park. We’ve had an amazing plan put together by Charles Mabry of PARD. Climbing structures, swings, spinners (both large and small), and free play balance logs will create a small and very dynamic playground.

Shade structures help block some of that strong Texas sun. A drinking fountain to keep everyone hydrated. Tables with seats to accommodate anyone who might want to play a game or have a cup of coffee. With a beautiful stone seating wall for children of all ages to enjoy.

Help Make it Real!

Your tax-deductible donation is critical to help us reach our fundraising goals. We’re going to have to raise at least $100,000 to be able to build this amazing playground. Any amount makes a difference.

Please follow this link to make your tax-deductible donation.